Recent Events

Philomel's first concert was November 2nd 2017 in the amazing venue of the Brunel Shaft, Rotherhithe. Beginning with nightingale song and the haunting chant of Hildegarde of Bingen, and ending with a spellbinding arrangement by Janet Oates of Le Rossignol (the Nightingale) by Saint-Saëns, the audience was transfixed by the programme and gave us rapturous applause and fantastic comments at the end. The four new commissions were kindly sponsored by the RVW Trust and by Projonix, with extra support from Sound and Music, the Early Music Shop, and Green Man Press.

Our second and third concerts in March 2018 expanded on our first success, adding solos and recorder music, maintaining the bird theme and the focus on women composers. Despite the blizzards of 'the beast from the East', audiences in Richmond (the Unitarian Church) and Rotherhithe (Holy Trinity Church) were very appreciative. The concerts were generously supported by the Arts Council England.

During a rehearsal:

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